Learn to produce mystic & hypnotic techno from Svarog

In this live masterclass Ukrainian producer will present his artistic approach, showcase his production techniques and unveil the secrets behind his tracks.

Svarog masterclass

Learn how to produce mystic & hypnotic techno.

Whats included

  • Session with Svarog
  • Q&A session
  • Access to the recording


Session Recording devided by topics

DAW: Ableton

Duration: ~140 min

Price: 37 Euro

Meet Svarog

Ukrainian DJ and musician who fills the dance floor with the spirit of mysticism and harmony.

Since then, the artist has released a lot of music on top labels of the genre, such as Semantica, Dynamic Reflection, Affin, Nachtstrom Schallplatten and others.

His music dives you into a hypnotic atmosphere, sometimes with epic or dramatic accents. Landscape textures and saturated timbres in the tracks create a magical flow, forcing the listener to dive deep into dance or meditation.

Svarog's Soundcloud & Instagram

Svarog's music

Below you can preview the sound we will be exploring in this masterclass.

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How the masterclass will be held?

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How do I pay?

You can pay with either your credit card or paypal.

I don't make hypnotic techno, would this still help me?

I believe so. Diving into an established producers workflow brings a lot of inspiration into your own music.

Do I need to use Ableton Live?

You can easily apply most of these techniques to any DAW of your choice

Learn the secrest of productin deep, mystic & hypnotic techno from Svarog

This live masterclass will give you a tons of insights and inspirations from a well established producer.

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